Mac OS X

The Matrify Server can be used for up to 300 records and up to 3 users free of charge without a license file. If you need higher limits please purchase a license. See Pricing.

New major release in Q1 2020!

We are working on a new major release to push Matrify to a new level. The next major release will have new key features such as:

  • Advanced permission and role management
  • Workflow support
  • Notification support
  • File upload and management

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Release Notes (2019-12-11)
  • Fixed: An issue was solved concerning the database saving process. (2019-04-14)
  • Fixed: An issue was solved concerning the sorting of rows. (2018-12-13)
  • Improved scrolling: Enabled left and right scrolling with cursor keys in grid view. (2018-10-21)
  • Fixed: Fixed: Issue with bidirectional links (2018-06-02)
  • Fixed: Name conflict when updating column type
  • Fixed: Increased minimal table height to display dropdown menu (2018-04-22)
  • Adjusting column width improved: The usability of setting column widths has been improved. Column widths are remembered by the browser.
  • Using spaces and international characters in column names: Column names can now contain spaces, umlauts, international characters, currency symbols and so on.
  • New filter types “starts with” and “ends with” added: The new filter types "starts with" and "ends with" are now available.
  • Fixed: There was a bug submitting the login form using the enter key