Here are some of our popular and customizable templates to help you get started:

Tracking Assets

A flexible and organized way to quickly track your company's assets, such as furniture, computer systems, and other equipment.

Employee Directory

Information at your fingertips! One click to a comprehensive directory that gives you employee's biographic profile in seconds.

Sales Leads

Follow your leads... digitally! In a snap, effortlessly keep track of all your sales prospects with updated information.

Product Catalog

Methodize! Organize! This efficient organization tool helps you manage your products and add important details, such as quantity, price, category, etc.

Small Office Management

Time is money! A fast, cogent and easy way to keep precise track of everything in your office, such as assets, employees, tasks, office library, etc. This is designed for start-up and small businesses.

Task Tracker

Productivity Tracker! A highly efficient tool for you to keep track and manage the tasks of your team at any given time.

Bookmarks Managment

No fuss! No frills! Organize bookmarks and share with your colleagues.