Asset Tracking

Everything in one place! Always know what and where your assets are, what's in need of maintenance, and how much it costs. Never have to worry about keeping track of all your computer systems, office equipment or furniture. This template is easy to use and fully customizable according to your requirements. From adding more columns to creating a new table, Matrify makes it effortless for you.

Screenshot of Asset Tracking Example

Asset Management

Gone are the days when you have to sort through heaps of folders looking for the warranty details of the office computer. With Matrify, all the important information of the company's assets are in just one place.

When you have too much data, it is easy to have information overload. Organize data in different tables to keep things organized. Link records across tables to keep your data consistent.

Emily, the head of inventory, wants to keep track of all the company's assets in a more efficient manner. She doesn't want to lose valuable information just because it is hard keeping all the files in order. There are too many details that she needs to manage. See how Matrify solves Emily's problem.

  • Store all the important information in the Assets table, which includes things like the model type, description, location, purchase date, etc.
  • Emily can add more assets and keep track of when it was modified. Easily edit any of the information, as well as delete those that are no longer necessary.
  • Emily also wants to set up and manage more than one table, so she adds Locations and Suppliers. With this, she can search/filter only the information regarding the suppliers or locations. Emily finds this especially useful when she wants her team to contact all the suppliers or confirm all the locations.
  • Emily can also link records across tables so she can use the information already available that way she can keep information consistent. Makes it easier for Emily to add a new asset when detailing the location and supplier. She only has to choose from a dropdown list for these columns.

Easy Search

Easily find the information without going through the whole database one by one. Configure different filters according to what you need, e.g. by department, category. Sort records depending on the order you want or need.

Maintenance Management

Avoid breakage! Monitor the condition of your assets. Highlight what needs to be fixed or replaced. You can set colors to each label, e.g. red for poor, yellow for fair, and green for good.