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Choose the right plan for your needs.


Download and run the server software on your own hardware. Keep your data in-house.

Standard License

Users Annual License
includes maintenance
Perpetual License
+free year of maintenance
1-3 $ 0 (free up to 300 records)
1-10 (Starter) $ 10 $ 20
11-15 $ 500 $ 1000
16-25 $ 1000 $ 2000
26-50 $ 2000 $ 4000
51-100 $ 4000 $ 8000
101-unlimited $ 8000 $ 16000

Enterprise License

The enterprise version supports LDAP authentication, custom user roles and an extended API access.

Please contact us for further information.


We host the server software for you in the Amazon AWS cloud. The server is dedicated to your team only.

Choose a hosting location next to you from 13 zones around the world (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia)
Individual firewall settings can increase security, e.g. by restricting access from your company network only

Plans start from $ 50/month. Billed monthly. Contact us for further information.

Professional Services & Customizing

We offer professional services and customization to extend and optimize Matrify for your needs and requirements.

Contact for any questions.

Need a custom plan, or any questions? Contact

All amounts are shown in either USD or EUR. Prices are net, excluding VAT.