Getting started

Matrify provides a RESTful API to read, write, delete and query every piece of data in your database.

Example in Python

This example script helps you to get started with the most common API service calls to create, update, delete, get and query records.

Python example script

Watch live example requests

The Matrify web client is using the exact same API to access the Matrify Server. So everything you can do with the web client, you can also do using the API. To find an example request for what you need, just do the same action using the web client and find the request in your browsers Developer Console like this:

Screenshot of an example XHR request

In the screenshot above you can see the Chrome Developer Console with the tabs Network and XHR selected to watch the XHR network requests sent between web client and server. This is an efficient way to get example requests for the service call that you are looking for. For this example we open the dialog to edit a record, which causes a GET Row request.

To test a GET request just copy the Request URL and paste it into a new browser tab. For POST requests you can choose Copy as cURL and test it by executing the request e.g. with your cURL command-line tool.

Backup/Restore a database via API

Example scripts to demonstrate how to backup and restore a single database via the REST API:

cURL example scripts