Matrify Server

Upgrade guide

This article contains information about upgrading the downloadable Matrify Server software on the user's hardware (on-premises).

Before following the steps below make sure that you have backups of your system and in particular of the data-folder.


Request the download link on the Download page.


Download the zip-archive. Extract the archive in a temporary folder of your choice.

Archive contents

  • / start.bat - Script to start the server.
  • / stop.bat - Script to stop the server.
  • matrify-server-x.x.x.x/ - The Matrify Server software.
  • data/ - The folder containing the configuration, database files and logs.
  • jre1.x.x_xx/ - Java Runtime Environment

Follow these steps:

  • Stop the Matrify Server (see Installation Guide)
  • Backup the existing installation and in particular the data-folder!
  • Replace the folder matrify-server-x.x.x.x/ and both files (resp. start.bat) and (resp. stop.bat).
  • Upgrade from 1.0.x.x to 1.1.x.x: Format of the User IDs have changed (it's necessary to create user accounts again)
    • Login as "admin" and create the required user accounts (email addresses as usernames are not supported anymore)
    • On the file system go into folder "data/accounts" and rename the account folders according to the new username
  • Start the Matrify Server again (see Installation Guide)
  • Check, if everthing is working (see Installation Guide)


Congratulation, you upgraded the Matrify Server.


If you have any questions or feedback contact:

To purchase a license key contact: