Managing Databases & Tables

Learn how to create, edit and delete Databases

Manage Databases
Manage Databases

Create a Database by choosing a Template
Choose from a list of popular and customizable Templates to create a Database.

Create an empty Database
Create an empty Database to start from scratch.

Database containing Tables
A Database is displayed as a box with a blue colored header showing the database name. A Database can contain multiple Tables, which are displayed below.

Start, Stop, Rename and Delete a Database
You can start and stop your Database. Once a Database is stopped it's not accessible anymore. A Database must be stoppped before it can be renamed or deleted.

Managing Tables

Manage Tables
Manage Tables

Create a Table
Click on + New Table to create new Table in a database.

Table actions
Edit, copy and delete a Table. You can also export all Records in the Table as a CSV file.

Note: You can also create a new Table directly from the feature.