Dashboard & Creating Tables

Learn about the Dashboard page and how to create Tables

Once you login to your account, MATRIFY will direct you to the Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides you with an overview of the Databases you created and the ones shared with you.

Dashboard after sign up without databases
Dashboard after sign up (without Databases)

One this page we keep it simple to get you started quickly.

Click on the button Choose template next to 1 to create a new Database based on one of our customizable Templates.

A dialog will appear with a list of popular Templates:

Dialog offering predefined templates
Dialog offering predefined Templates

Select a Template that suits your needs and it will appear similar to the one below.

Dashboard displaying own databases and databases shared with you
Dashboard displaying own Databases and Databases shared with you

1 Your own Database.
For your own Databases you can find controls to share and configure.

2 A Database shared with you.
For Databases shared with you, you have don't have full administrative permissions.

Click 1 to open the Table.
On this page you learned just the basics. For further information about managing Databases see Managing Databases & Tables .