Matrify is a web-application for tracking all kinds of information such as action items, assets, customers, products. It's build to be both simple and flexible and to support your everyday tasks.
Matrify is easier to use. You only need to create a table and define columns. Features like searching, sorting, filtering are always available. Matrify supports you by e.g. automatically numbering records, setting creation/modification-timestamps and so on. You can also manage multi-line text, images, videos, audio, single- and multiple-choices and more. When entering new records a user will be guided by dialogs. You can easily mess up a spreadsheet, but with Matrify it's almost impossible to mess up a table.
All kinds of corporations, organizations or private users can use Matrify to manage their information.
You can manage any kind of information that you can store in lists, tables or spreadsheets.
If spreadsheets work fine for you then you should use it. But usually if there are many records and data gets more complex you will see its limits. With Matrify you can for example manage users and rights, keep data consistent with validation conditions, constraints and links. You can see which record was changed by whom and when. And there are many more useful features. To put it simple: spreadsheets are for calculation and Matrify is for organizing information.

Installing & Updating

No, if you use our SaaS plans we are hosting everything for you and all you need is a browser.

If you prefer to keep your data in-house you can download the Matrify Server software and run it on your own hardware on-premises.

The Matrify Server is a Java application and runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

To run it a JRE is required, which is already bundled with the download.

Currently the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are supported. Other browsers may work but aren't tested.

Javascript must be enabled.


No, Matrify is a database application to manage information in tables, columns and rows. Using formulas for calculation is not supported.
Yes, you can import and export CSV-files. Soon you will also be able to import and export your whole database as one XML file.
Yes, you can export tables as CSV-files and soon you will be able to download the whole database as an XML-file.

Licensing & Purchasing

Just sign up for free. You can upgrade the plan in your account.