Small Office Management

Manage a company with Matrify. Designed to help small companies structure and organize valuable information in one place. Every business is different – so customize your database accordingly.

Screenshot of Small Office Example

Comprehensive Overview

At a glance, see different components involved in office management, such as the employee database, assets list, sales lead, task list. Get the big picture with a few clicks. It's a lot simpler and clearer to visualize all the essential parts of your business in Matrify. Hassle free monitoring of company operations by streamlining multiple databases.

Centralized Administration

Simplify office management. Organize critical business information in multiple tables. Manage and collaborate with your team better through Matrify.

As an owner or manager, you want to oversee as many things as possible. The same goes for Andrew, who is the director of a small publishing company. Because of his many responsibilities, he needs to utilize his time. Keeping track of many things and managing them can be chaotic. Matrify addresses this concern through its structured method of managing data.

  • First, Andrew identifies what critical aspects of the company he needs to monitor. He needs to stay connected with all his employees, keep track of what they are doing, how many sales prospects they have, and monitor the company's assets. He then sets up multiple tables: Employee, Task, Sales Leads, Assets.
  • As a director, Andrew can have his colleagues create records for all these tables and keep them updated at all times. Save time from asking the team what is happening. Andrew is now involved in the process, letting him use his time to come up with improvements for the company and the team.

Easy Search

Straightforward and updated! Instantly find the product you need. Customers especially appreciate when a sales executive efficiently handles their inquiries about the product. No wasted time. Higher productivity, not just for you, but your entire office.